URBAN TREE comes in two versions


Inspired by nature

We fusioned two ideas – a desire for more nature in our cities and our passion for lowering the material footprint.

We wanted our solution to be a multifunctional design piece, that could strengthen the biodiversity in urban areas, store rainwater and act as a flash flooding buffer, help mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect, add more greenness and make it a space for citizens to enjoy. With the option to add even more features. 

How does it work?


The URBAN TREE does not need to be dug into the ground or mounted on a building. It stands on its own.

Its exterior is covered with a dense carpet of plants that uptakes small pollution particles, and removes them from the air. 

More vegetation means more nesting and foraging possibilities for insects, birds and mammals.

It provides shade and regulates the microclimate around it, making it a more enjoyable experience to be outside, especially on hot summer days.

The greenness that it adds to our cityscapes boosts the willingness of citizens to spend more time outside.

The URBAN TREE is here to provide a new solution for cities to bring more nature in. It is a complimentary addition to street trees, green walls and roof gardens. We need all the imagination in the world to combat low levels of greening and biodiversity.
Be part of the green movement and join us.

Modular system

  • Made up of modules
  • Multifunctional Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS)
  • The modules can be stacked according to the desired height
  • A column of 3 meters can contain 1200 L of water
  • Two solutions:
    1.  Water columns that can be connected to drainpipe
    2. Freestanding construction

Making space for all kinds of plants

Flowering         |         Bee and insect friendly         |         Herbs         |          Small vegetables         |         Evergreen         |         Deciduous

Sustainable concrete

80% lower CO2 footprint than conventional concrete

The use of recycled industrial residues allows for concrete in different colours:


What we see

Grey infrastructure

As our cities grow and more people move into already crowded spaces, what do we need to do to transform our urban areas into healthy places to live? An increasing body of research tells us that we should be letting nature back in.

Nature-based solutions can make climate related problems smaller, while also making cities more beautiful – and thereby increase citizen satisfaction and property value. 

This is why we want to provide the cities with more solutions to their greening problems, not by replacing trees, but by expanding the greening market.

By 2050

1 %

of the worlds population will be living in cities.

Children growing up with low levels of green space have a

1 %

higher risk of developing mental health problems.


Our vision is to create greener and healthier cities made for people through innovative and concrete solutions.


Our mission is to provide aesthetic and sustainable solutions for the urban built environment.  

We want to address air pollution, biodiversity and urban climate by deploying URBAN TREES in major cities around the world

Meet the team

Birgitte Holt Andersen


Business planning and  development, contracts and​ budgets

Louise Kjær-Hansen


Project management and salea

Sophie Krog Agergaard

Environmental engineer

Project management, daily operations and engineering

Gerd Juul Dahl

Nature Management

Design and communication


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2100 Copenhagen


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