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We fusioned two ideas – a desire for more nature in our cities and our passion for lowering the material footprint.


We wanted our solution to be a multifunctional design piece, that could strengthen the biodiversity in urban areas, store rainwater and act as a flash flooding buffer, help mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect, add more greenness and make it a space for citizens to enjoy.


With the option to add even more features.

A smart, green urban solution.


This innovative street furniture combines a water reservoir with lush plant cover, featuring stackable “zero cement” concrete modules made from industrial waste by-products.


The modules are designed with a wick system, enabling plants to access and utilize the stored rainwater.


It is especially ideal for paved city areas with challenging underground infrastructure for tree planting, as it can be placed directly on top of pavements, eliminating the need for excavation.


A bench and solar-powered lighting can be added, to help create safe and social gathering spots in the city. 

Our vision is to create greener and healthier cities made for people through innovative and concrete solutions.


Our mission is to provide a more resilient, aesthetic, and green solution for the urban built environment.


We are part of a green movement, come join us. 

Birgitte Holt Andersen


Louise Kjær-Hansen


Sophie Krog Agergaard

Environmental engineer


Løgstørgade 2, 1.

2100 Copenhagen